What Happens to Alice?


Hi, I just want to say how much I really loved reading your Alice series! It is really realistic and wonderful! My friends and I first discovered your Alice series in our school library but unfortunately, they were quite limited. The furthest book in the series we could read was “the grooming of Alice” .Morever, the school’s collection lacked a lot of books before “the grooming of alice”. We would have bought the other books had they been available in the bookstores but since most (nearly all) of the other books found there are either really really really popular best-sellers, we could not find your books at all…. Also, the bookstore can’t special order your books. We are also in no position to buy your books online…. On behalf of all my friends and myself, I would like to ask you what happened to Alicce and the other characters (since we can’t get the books and sadly can’t read them). However, whatever you decide, we’ll tell you once again: we really liked reading Alice!


Phyllis replied:

I know it’s difficult to find all the Alice books, but I can’t imagine any bookstore that wouldn’t special order a book for you.  Of course, you must pay in advance, which means you probably need to go to the store and do this; if you can’t afford to buy a book, you can ask your public library to get the book you want on inter-library loan.  And this does take a while.  If you decide you don’t want to do either of these, all you really want to know is what happens to the characters in all the other books, then go to your computer, look each book up on Amazon.com, and read the reviews.



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