The Girl on the Cover

I have wrote an e-mail to you before, and I really wanted to ask you some questions that have been wandering my mind.
Throughout your books, the girl on the cover gets older and older. I was wondering if it’s the same girl? I was also wondering if you could let me know her name maybe? Because I want to be just like her. Your Alice books produce so much influence, and real character in them, that’s its hard to believe it isn’t a somewhat true kind-of story. Also, how do you take her pictures on the cover? Like do you just meet up, and ask for a picture of her for a book? Haha I’d really love to find out the answers to these quesetions! Thank you so much for reading this, and keep up your finaminal work on the books!
Phyllis replied:
There have been many changes in the Alice covers over the years, starting out with almost cartoon-like characters and eventually moving to photographs.  For a few years, the publisher hired a model from an agency.  They used her twice, I believe, several years apart, and of course helped her look younger for her age in some photos, older in others.  They even found a little girl who looked very much like her to model for the three Alice prequels.  We never know, or give out, the names of models.  But there’s no need for you to try to model yourself or your looks after someone else.  Your own kind of true life story could be much more interesting.

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