Flirts With Me Sometimes

Hi! Thanks for writing such wonderful books…but something has been on  my mind for a while. So, I am in Junior High, seventh grader, :(! Anyways, so, I have a circle of friends, three girls (including me) and three guys. Even, weird…Anyways, they are my closest buds. And I was sitting next to one of the guys, Justin, me and him on one bench, and the two other girls and two other boys one the one across from us. Anyways, Justin is just a friend, nothing going on there ever! Haha, well, then this popular 8th grader, Dave, (very cute!) comes up, and squishes between me and Justin.  And his friend does to, and they start grinding on him. “Justin, you’re to young, stay away from this girl! She has cooties!” Justin gets all embarrassed and walks away, so that leaves me and two very popular eighth graders on the bench together. I can’t help but feel Dave’s presence because he is so cute. He leans over in my face, and says, “you do have cooties, right?” I play along and say, “yeah, you better stay away!” He laughs, and squishes me even more. He and his friend start fooling around on the bench, and soon I pretend to get “annoyed” and walk over to the bench where my friends are sitting, by now Justin has took off somewhere.  So Dave and his friend leave. Then my best friend says, “it isn’t fair, your pretty and skinny, and two eighth graders are fighting to sit next to you!” Which made me feel good, lol. Anyways, so they left, and I started talking to my buddy Liam who was sitting next to me, and we are just talking. I  look behind me, and like ten feet away, Dave and his friends are looking over at us and smiling. Soon in mid conversation, Dave plops down between me and Liam. And says the same thing he said to Justin. And the next day he approached me again and we talked. So, do you think this can go anywhere…? Or he’s just messing with me, we talked in P.E to, fighting over whether the pegs were easy or hard. I said hard, and he said easy, mainly because he’s like super tall for an 8th grader. And strong 🙂 So, he’s got me all interested, and remember I’m a seventh grader, and he’s an eighth. I’ve seen lots of 8th grade guys out with seventh grade girls, but…Dave? But the way he flirts sometimes seems like he might ask me out. Do you think so? I mean, I’m too embarrassed to ask my friends. I think I might be really into him, but…You never know with boys.

Phyllis replied:


I think he likes you or he wouldn’t be “messing” with you at all.  Can’t you just like him back, enjoy him, tease and flirt a little yourself, and not worry about putting a label on anything?  Just wait and see what happens.

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