He’s Never Actually Said He Likes Me

i love your books so much!
anyway i was wondering if you could answer a boy question
ok so there’s this boy at school and i really like him and he seems to like me to. he even told me i was awesome! but he’s never actually said he “likes” me even if he’s shown me in so many ways. i really want to tell him i like him but i’m scared to. got any ideas of what i can do?
Phyllis replied:
I think that most like guys like to show and be shown, but they don’t like having to say it.  And hearing you say it means they’re expected to say it back, and this is enough to send them packing.  If you like him and he seems to like you, simply enjoy the experience.  You can show you like each other by the happiness you feel when the other person’s around, by choosing to sit with each other, go places together, give each other funny little presents.  This is SO much better than words. 

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