Never Dated or Kissed a Boy

Ok well to start this out, I'm 12-years-old and a fan of the Alice  
books. I read the prequels a few years ago, and started reading the  
newer books just a few months ago. Another thing about me; I'm in 9th  
grade, because I started kindergarden when I was 3. So I started going  
to public school this year after 4 years of being homeschooled. I've  
been having lots of fun with all my new friends, but there's a boy.  
He's in my science class, and all of his other classes are sophomore  
classes because he tested out of them. He's either 15 or 14. Both of  
my best friends have dated him, and he just got dumped by one of them  
last night. He's been sad all day at school, and it pains me. I think  
I like him. I've never really liked a guy who wasn't my age, and I've  
never dated a boy or kissed a boy. How do I tell if I like him, and  
what do I do if i do like him?

Phyllis replied:
How about just being a good friend to him right now?  Sounds as though 
needs a friend more than he needs a girlfriend.  Also, when you feel 
sorry for someone, it's easy to confuse that with seriously liking or
loving him.  And if you decide you really are starting to feel romantic
about him, SHOW him, don't feel you have to tell him.  You show
this by watching him a lot, smiling, sitting near get
the picture.

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