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I know that you receive emails saying how wonderful the Alice series is all the time, but I just wanted to let you know how huge of an impact the Alice books have had on, honestly, my entire life. I started reading the books in third grade, and am graduating high school this year. Each spring, I still preorder the books on Amazon and dedicate at least a week to rereading the books until the newest one is released. For a child and now young adult like me who loved and still loves reading more than anything, your books mean an enormous amount to me. I can’t think of a single book character who I have identified with more than Alice and I can’t think of a single series that has defined my childhood reading as much as Alice has. 
I also wanted to say how much I admire your connection that you have with your readers. Every so often, I’ll log onto the website where you answer fan mail and I think it’s wonderful how many people have such a connection with you and your books that they go to you for advice about everything. 
I suppose that overall, I just wanted to thank you for writing the books. Thank you for giving me new books to look forward to each year, thank you for answering the teenage questions that all of us who read the books want answered, and thank you for giving me and thousands of other girls such a good role model. Thanks for teaching us that we can be special even if we’re not super popular or an athlete. Thank you for showing that even the girls like Alice are important. 
Phyllis replied:
I’m so grateful when readers write to me about the Alice books, and am very pleased that the books have meant so much to you.   I learn as much from your emails as you do from me, and always look forward to hearing what readers have to say. 

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