Unisex Bathrooms

A few summers ago, I stayed at UNCG for a week for their summer music camp. The bathroom near the lobby of one of the dorms was a unisex bathroom, containing a urinal and a single stall. Due to the fact that there was indeed a stall, the door didn’t have a lock on it. While I was doing my business (in the stall, me being a girl), I started to wonder: What if a guy comes in to use the urinal while I’m in here? What the heck am I supposed to do then? 
I was fortunate enough to not have to answer the question, but with Alice going to visit Patrick and starting college herself? It could happen.
Phyllis replied:
Yes, it could happen.  But if a guy walked into a unisex bathroom and saw that someone was in the stall, he would have to make the decision as to whether to use the urinal or not, knowing that whoever was in the stall could be female.  When our older son entered a college that had just become co-ed, I was surprised to see that even the bathrooms in his dorm were co-ed.  As I looked at the row of urinals along one wall, I asked, “What would you do if you were urinating, and a woman walked in?”  And he answered, “I’d say ‘Good morning.” 

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