Should I Forget Him?

Last year I went to school abroad in Scotland. I had a magnificent time and made a bunch of friends who I think will be lifelong chums. I also met a boy I came to like. It turned out that he was a bit interested in me too and would offer to walk me home from meetings (he was in a club at the school. Well now that time is over and I haven’t really been in contact with him (his name is danny). Should I contact danny via facebook and tell him how i feel? Or should I forget him? I like him alot, but i don’t want to be rejected even overseas. He has the resources to come visit me and i would like to see him again.
Phyllis replied:
Can’t you just contact him on Facebook without mooning all over him and forcing him to say whether he likes you or not?  The fact that you contacted him will tell him you like him, and you don’t have to say anything else.  Are you afraid he won’t reply at all?  So…..?  If that’s the worst that can happen, and you are afraid to even risk that much, you are making it very hard for yourself.  Be brave.  Contact him.  You might start a correspondence that you both will enjoy.

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