Boy Problem

   I LOVVVVE your books so much!!! I know you probably hear that alot but it’s true. A lot of girls, including me, are growing up with your books and they help alot. You cover topics that most shy away from and I’m very thankful. So thank you. I love you and Alice.
  I…. have a boy problem. This is probably the #1 thing teenage girls say but if you could give me advice, I’d really appreciate it. Here goes:
    So I liked this guy. Or, I thought I did. Then I find out that he likes me too. Words spread fast and then everyone is pressuring us to go out. I am not allowed to go out yet and I didn’t want to go out with the guy behind my mother’s back so we’re kind of just hanging out. But we’re both pretty shy so most of our conversations are on Facebook. I don’t like this. And when we are together, I feel uncomfortable and wish I was somewhere else. That is when I realized that I don’t like him and thought I did because I let everyone brainwash me. So how do I tell him this? I don’t know if I should tell him face to face or online because we don’t really talk face to face. He’s a great guy, super sweet and buys me presents but I’m not feeling it. I would very much like to be his friend though. How should I proceed (I guess that’s the word)?
  That’s my guy problem and I’d appreciate if you could give me advice but it’s cool if you can’t. I understand that you’re busy writing very amazing books.  Thanks for being a writer.
Phyllis replied:
I’m glad you’re concerned about his feelings.  Chances are, he’s as uncomfortable as you are about all this.  And if you accepted his presents, he obviously thought you liked him.  Simply tell him–to his face–NOT on Facebook–that you’re feeling uncomfortable in the relationship, even though he’s been really nice to you, and since you’re not allowed to go out yet, you’d like to wait for a while to hang out with a guy.  

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