“I Like Him, He Likes Her”

I am a HUGE fan of the Alice series. I’m reading the book “I like him. He likes her” right now. It is really fantastic! I was so happy when I found a book that I actually loved! (I usually don’t like to read.) I, myself, can relate to Alice Alone, Simply Alice and Patiently Alice because I am a Freshman in High School. Everything from the break ups to the make ups is what’s happening in High School. I recently just dealt with a break up your book really helped me through it. 
I just wanted to say thank you for writing those amazing books. You are a beautiful and talented writer. 
Phyllis replied:
Thanks so much for writing to me.  For those of you who don’t know, my publisher is putting together in one big paperback, all 3 books of Alice’s freshman year in high school, another of her sophomore year, her junior and senior years.  Two of the books are already on the market, “I Like Him, He Likes Her,” (freshman year) and “It’s Not Like I Planned it This Way,” (sophomore).  I’ll let you know when the other two big paperbacks are published.  These are collections of already-published Alice books. 

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