Keep Writing the Alice Books

I love, love, love the Alice books and I’m really surprised that none of the Alice books (that I know of) have awards! You should write books for how she is in college, who she gets married to, her kids, if Lester gets married…are you going to stop writing Alice books when Alice turns 60? I really want to know how Pamela and Elizabeth turn out when they’re adults, not only Alice and it’s nice that you don’t only see yourself in Alice but in Pamela and Elizabeth too! This email might turn out really long because I like to type, but I understand you’re really, really busy. I really want to know what happens when Miss Summers comes back from teaching in England! I’m wondering if then Mrs. Summers finds someone else she likes in England! Poor Mr. Mckinley. I’ve been rereading the Alice books for a long time! Ever since my mom got them from the library, I’ve never stopped reading them! I hope you keep writing the Alice books!
Phyllis replied:
If in the last book you read, Sylvia Summers was still in England, you have LOTS AD LOTS AND LOTS of Alice books waiting to be read!   The very last book of the series that will come out in June of 2013 will have the answers to all your questions, I promise.

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