Not Sure What to Do

im gotta say that im very excited for 2011 cuz that means a new alice book and then 2013 thee last one 😦 lol well i have
a question okay there this guy lets name him Jhon …so i went to the movies with jhon n we got flirty holding hands my head on his shoulder Etc.
then he ask me to be his girlfriend n i said yes….but now im not even sure if i even wnna be his girlfriend like 14 n like there was this guy before him that i sorta of went out with during my summer but then he really hurted me n just about a couple weeks ago i realize i dont have feelings for the guy that hurt me..but this guy Jhon i do like him even if he a year younger then me but like im scared of getting hurt took me months just to get over the summer romance and i dont wnna risk that with Jhon and im not even sure what to do like literally i not sure if i should tell him to be frineds or stick with him and see how it goes cause it only been like a week since we been together n im already giving up cuz im a coward and so like what do i do, do i tell him that it better begin friends, or jsut see how it goes….
Phyllis replied:
I remember that awkward time when it was fun and exciting and uncomfortable all at once to hold hands and sit close, but still being unsure about wanting to be somebody’s girlfriend, and just what that meant.  I wouldn’t worry too much about being hurt.  You are going to be “hurt” a few times in your love life, and a guy is probably going to be “hurt” too, because he will like you more than you like him, or vice versa.  This is the way things go until you have a better idea of what you want in a boyfriend.  You’ve already said you’d be his girlfriend, so if you turn him down now or later, it’s still going to be uncomfortable.  If things are going OK, why not stick with it and see how it goes? 

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