Should I finish It?


I’ve been writing a book for about a year now and I made the mistake of showing someone my book. I’ve had lots of trouble finishing it now and I was wondering, do you think I should finish it? My problem is I don’t really have anything else to write about. But then again it’s so hard finshing it. has this ever happend to you? Thank you. I really appreciate it.

Phyllis replied:


I understand how you feel, and that’s why I don’t even TALK about a book I’m writing before I’ve finished a third draft.  All someone has to do is raise an eyebrow, or say, “Hasn’t that been done before?” and my bubble bursts.  It’s important, when you’re writing, that you feel excited by the plot and what you want to do with it, and any criticism is likely to affect you.  Now that you’ve already shown it to someone–and this person has probably commented unfavorably?–I suggest going ahead with it and finishing it.  Revise it as many times as you feel necessary to make it the very best you can do.  THEN show it around and ask for comments.

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