I Just Get Bored


I’ve written to you several times about my writing and in most of your emails you say the same thing, that i need to be excited about the plot. And well, i realized that I’m not. I’ve grown bored with it. So i was wondering, what makes  you come up with your stories? I’ve tried to write about life experiences and even made up stuff but in the end i just get bored of it. I get the urge to write quite often but i never know what to write about.
Phyllis replied:
Okay, then, forget about writing for the moment, and ask yourself what DOES excite you?  What do you daydream about?  If you could go anywhere or do anything or become anything, what or where would it be?  What frightens you?  Makes you angry?   Start with an emotion rather than an experience, and follow through on a topic.  Do the research.  Start with your heart, not your head.

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