Hard to Find the Older Ones

I absolutely adore your “Alice” series.  I was wondering if any of the earlier Alice books will be compiled into large books like “I Like Him, He Likes Her; It’s Not Like I Planned It This Way; and Please Don’t Be True”.  I want to own the entire series, but it’s hard to find the older ones. 
Thanks and I am so excited for “Please Don’t Be True” to come out this year :]
Phyllis replied:
There aren’t any plans at present to reprint the earlier titles in 3-book bind-ups, as they call the larger paperbacks, but they are coming out with a whole new edition of the older books in paperback, with wonderful new covers, a delightful drawing on each of Alice as she grows slightly older in every book.  I don’t know exactly when they’ll be available–soon, I think; I’ll tell you here–but I think you’ll like them, starting with The Agony of Alice.  The titles will be the same as the original books.

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