Living my Shiloh Dream


I am at Western Kentucky University studying International Affairs, Political Science, and Philosophy at the Honors College. Whether it be the National Forensics League, competitive speaking, or The Economist, I’ve always had some sort of academic obsession propelling me forward. Today, I thought to trace all of my obsessions. I realized that my obsessions began when I learned to read. My first obsession: The Shiloh Trilogy. I read those three books over and over. I remember being driven to tears because I wanted a dog so badly. I didn’t want just any dog. I wanted a Beagle. Now, I am living my Shiloh dream with a Brittany Spaniel named Meeko. I remember being bullied when I was in elementary school. I remember not being fond of my elementary school experience. However, I did love your books. I cherished them for two years of my life. I loved them so much.

Phyllis replied:


Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me.   It’s wonderful to know that my books have been such a friend to you.  Hugs to you and Meeko, and best of luck in  your college career!

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