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Hello!:) This is just one of thousands of questions i would like to ask. Also one of thousands of emails you have received. I asked for a book that put together Alice’s whole 9th grade year for Christmas. I started not even in the middle of the series, i know… but i love her experiences and how i can relate to her, feel what she’s feeling you know? I even had pineapple upside down cake for my birthday this year! Well, my question is: I’m starting 7th grade in the fall. Where i’m from, that’s the beginning of middle school. All my old friends… lets just say ‘changed’ in a bad way… the beauty of them out of my life is the four best friends i have now. Haha, I never would have guessed we would ALL be going to a different middle school. I would like some ideas of how to keep our friendship strong even though we won’t be seeing each other as often. I’m not worried about new friends though. I’m a bubbly person that keeps my good grades and makes the right choices.

Phyllis replied:


It’s good to hear that you have new friends, good friends, and that you want to keep them.  The suggestions are the same for any relationship: give each other some slack–remembering that everybody has an off day or makes some careless remark; give each other some space–don’t get mad if somebody doesn’t want to do everything you’d like to do, or doesn’t invite you to every single get-together; show as much interest in what they do as you expect them to show for your activities…  The list goes on and on, and if you girls talked about it, you could make some suggestions of your own.

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