Got Lost in your Books


I don’t know if you will even get this email but i just wanted to try. I would really like to know when your next alice book is coming out. I have been searching the web but i couldn’t find anything. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places. I am a huge fan and you probaly get these kind of emails all the time but i just really wanted you to know that alice has helped me so much over these few years. These past few years have been really hard on me (My family moved to Israel) and whenever i was feeling depressed i just picked up one of your books and i just got lost in the book. The books are such a great source of comfort and i really, really love them. 

Phyllis replied:
I’m just so happy to know that the Alice books are a comfort to you.  Sometimes books are like that–they can fill in the empty spaces.  Thanks for writing to me.

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