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So, I have some questions, and I need some advice. First off questions. I haven’t been able to catch up on Alice for a while. I think you have to newer books out? Alice in Charge, and Incredibly Alice? Is Incredibly Alice your last Alice book? I tried going through earlier posts, trying to see if any other readers asked you so I wouldn’t have to bother you, but I couldn’t find any. And I also have some advice questions, so I thought, I’ll just do two in one. And if that isn’t your last Alice book, what is the title of it? And also, do you know approximately how many words are in your Alice books? Weird question I know, but I’ve been writing for a while, and I have 30,710  words so far, and I doubt I’m even half away. Haha. So if you know, that’d be great. And now, advice questions. Last weekend I went to Tahoe with my friend, and she goes with her family friends. Two brothers that are in High Scholl, both 14 (stepbrothers, not twins) and she’s liked one of them for I don’t know…forever? Anyways, we are only in seventh grade, but were 13 only a year younger, and she’s always said age is just a number, but last year when we were 12 and they were 13 the boys didn’t see it that way. And I understand, that would be like me liking a 5th grader. Eww. But we went this year again, and one of them was hitting on me the whole time. I”m cute sure, I’ve heard that before, but it was strange. My friend kept saying, “he likes you, he likes you” and I denied it. But then she was in the shower, and I was in our room (us girls and the boys shared a room) and the one who didn’t like me came in and said, “do you like my brother? Cause likes you.” And I just didn’t know what to say. I look kind of old for my age, but so do tons of other girls. Is it weird? A highschool boy interested in me? And he isn’t ugly either, it’s not like he can’t score girls his own age. I just don’t know how I feel about it. My friend wants me to go camping with them, they both want me to come. But I don’t know. Maybe my mind is just making high school boys sound so incredible when maybe they aren’t. UGHH.

Phyllis replied:


Whoa.  Slow down a little.  Somebody simply said he likes you, he didn’t ask you to marry him.  If I were you, I’d concentrate more on having fun with guy friends and not trying to figure out the mathematics  of it all.

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