Offense doesn’t have levels to it


Why does Amy’s confession of her encounter with Mr. Granger make Alice think that it sounds like less of an offense?  How can ANYTHING about that be “less”?  It bothers me that people think that that type of offense has any ‘levels’ to it.  If someone crosses the line, that’s that.

I say this because a boy with down syndrome once hurt me.  But by the time I understood that I needed to tell someone, it had long passed.  Then people told me that there wasn’t anything I could do anyways, because the boy was mentally disabled.  But that doesn’t mean he hurt me any ‘less’.

Phyllis replied:


You are quite right that just because Amy wasn’t as emotional when she reported what Mr. Granger had done to her, it was less of an offense.  But I think it’s natural that Alice, wanting so much to see him brought to justice, would worry that Amy’s admission that she had kissed her teacher might make the principal take it less seriously.  Fortunately, he did not.

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