Why a month early?


Hi P.N., I want to start off by saying that your Alice series is fantastic. I’ve been reading the books since third grade. I feel like I can connect to Alice as if she were a real person, which is really great since most of the other books I read I feel like I cannot relate to the characters in any way. Thank you SO much for creating the Alice series!!!! Also, I have a question for you. I know that a new Alice book comes out each June. I recently went on Barnes and Noble’s website to see when Incredibly Alice would be available, and the date they had was May 10. I guess I’m asking why Incredibly Alice is coming out a month earlier? I’m just a little confused.


Phyllis replied:


I don’t know why it’s a month early.  So much depends on when the copy-editor finishes her job, when it’s sent to the printer, how many books are in line before it, etc. etc.  If it comes out on May 10, hooray!  We’ll all have our copies early.

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