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Oh mrs. naylor! Your books are sooo good! If only you knew the hours I spent reading them! I was obssessed when I was younger! Thank you for writing them! Can you tell me, how should i go about asking a guy out? I know him through mutual friends and i think he’s cute, but i get nervous. How should I do it? we’ve only talked probably twice…. but i think we could really get along, so if you know of a way I could ask him casually, I’d appreciate suggestions!

Phyllis replied:


Probably the best way is to casually invite him to do something with a small group of people.  “A bunch of us are going to see the new movie at the Rio this weekend.  You want to go?”  or “I’m having a few people over for pizza Friday night.  I’d love it if you could come.”  You want to make it casual enough that he doesn’t suspect that if he says no, it will be a big deal.  But you want it personal enough, that he knows you’d really be happy if he would be there.

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