Will Read Alice Books When I’m 99


Like so many readers have stated, I have been reading the Alice series for many years-probably closing on a decade now! Alice has seen me through the realities of middle and high school, and all the things that go along with that. The past few years have unfortunately not been easy for me, in particular this past year and a bit, as my mom was diagnosed with cancer, underwent many different treatments-all of which failed-and eventually succombed in early November. Although I am 20, I can still definitely feel the same feelings of wanting a ‘mother figure’ that Alice felt and searched for. Over the years I have kept the Alice books on the bookshelf right beside my bed, and more than once I have pulled one out in the middle of the night. I have favourite chapters in each, but I do think that some of my favourite moments have to be in the first two published books, The Agony of Alice and Alice in Rapture, although I laughed VERY hard during the chapter where Elizabeth causes a fire by tossing her push-up bra in the dryer. I’m not one who laughs a lot, but Alice has definitely helped with that. Thanks for remaining very real and true to what kids and teenagers-and adults for that matter-go through. Never once have I read something in the Alice series and thought “that wouldn’t really happen” and that’s important. I have a feeling that if I live to 99 I will still be pulling out Alice from time to time.

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Then I hope you have a very long life and will still be enjoying Alice books when  you’re 99!   I have favorite scenes too, and many of these involve Lester.

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