“Prom Theme”

i’m a junior in high school now and i hate the thought of leaving my friends, my school and the familiar neighborhood.
Tears were welling up in my eyes when i heard this song the first time. i guess i’m very emotional and i often connect songs
with my life. I just wanted to share this song with you, because it’s so beautiful.
 thanks for your Alice books, they teached me so much about life.
Phyllis replied:
“Prom theme” is a beautiful song, but pretty depressing too:  “…we work until we die….we grow old and lose our hair…etc.”  I can understand why an 18 year old might feel that way, having experienced nothing of life beyond prom night.  But this is one of the problems of making prom night so huge.  To give you a bit more perspective, I am 78 years old, I still have my hair (and it hasn’t turned white yet nor do I color it), I love my work, and I still keep in touch with a number of my high school friends.  While I loved going to my high school dances and being in the senior play and all the rest, prom night would be waaaaaaaay
down on the list of the best times of my life.  Trust me.  There is SO much more to come.

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