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Phyllis I was very impressed with you. somehow I was very envious to Alice, what Alice is a true story? I really want to be alice. however, I’m sad because my collection of alice series is not complete. I still enjoy reading again and again books – Alice series of books that I have. I only have the Alice series, namely: the agony of alice, alice in Between; alice in April; alice the brave; and achingly alice

Phyllis replied:


The Alice books are fiction, but a few incidents happened to me when I was growing up, or are things that happened to friends, or that I read about, but most are just from my imagination.  If you can’t find the whole series in a bookstore, I hope you will be able to get them from your library.  If you live in the USA, ask your librarian to get the ones you don’t have by ordering them on interlibrary loan.

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