Alice’s Senior Year


i was wondering if there would be a book coming
out that has the whole year of alice's senior year coming out like "please dont
be true" and "it's not like i planned it this way" and "i like him he likes

Phyllis replied:


Yes, there will be.  But I’m still working on the last book that will appear in that big paperback, so it hasn’t been published yet and I don’t know what the title will be.  For those of you who wonder what this is all about, the three books about Alice’s freshman year in high school have been published in a big fat paperbook called “I Like Him, He Likes Her.”  The three books of Alice’s sophomore life have been published in another big fat paperbook titled, “It’s Not Like I Planned it this Way;”  and the three books of her junior year are in a paperback titled, “Please Don’t Be True.”   Those of you who are collecting all the Alice books can easily get a record of her high school years, all 12 books, in these paperbacks, the 4th one still not published yet.

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