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I’ve never written to an author before, but when I found your Alice website, I knew I had to. I don’t remember what age I was when I started reading Alice, but I’m 23 now and I still read her books over and over because they’ve made that much of an impact on me. Your books put all the feelings that a young girl ever has into a series that makes us relate to her and connect personally. She’s had to deal with issues every girl has and I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your writing and your Alice. Alice’s books have helped me grow up and face things like Alice has. She’s almost like a real person in her emotions and actions and reading your books makes it almost like having her for a close friend. All of her changes have made me think about my changes in my life and I can’t tell you enought how much I love your books. Being a woman is hard work and I think that reading Alice books makes it a bit easier to become one, especially while knowing she’s had embarrassing moments, curious questions, and crazy conversations with her friends. Thank you so much for using your gift for writing to create Alice!
Phyllis replied:
Thanks so much for your email.  Much appreciated!

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