Please Don’t Be True


Hi! I LOVE these books! I’ve read the three large ones in order, and love how real Alice seems. I was really upset when I finished the last page of “Please don’t be true”. I noticed under your list of books that there were a lot more Alice books. I want to read them, but I love how the books became put together into the one book. Are you ever going to publish the old Alice books into a few large books, like you did with the most recent ones? It would really be great if you did. Thanks!

Phyllis replied:


I don’t know exactly what the publisher will do.  I know that the sales of these big 3-book paperbacks, of each of Alice’s years in high school, are selling very well.  Soon there will be a whole new paperback series of the old Alice books, all designed by the same artist.  For now, I think, in addition to the hardcover copies of each Alice book, and then the paperback, the publisher plans to put the last remaining books of her senior year into one big paperback (don’t know the title yet) and market the new paperback series of all the younger books.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually decide to put all the books about Alice in seventh grade together into one big book, all the books of her eighth grade together, and so on.  I guess we’ll have to wait and be surprised.

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