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I’m 17 years old and I’ve been reading all of your Alice books since I
was 12 years old. I practically grew up together with Alice and was
pretty sad when I noticed that publishing and translating the books
takes such a long time over here in Germany, that’s why I started
reading the Alice books in English from “Including Alice” on. And I must
say, there is a difference, and it’s not because Alice is growing up . .
. The older Alice books had already moved me and I had absolutely loved
them, but I think they are even much better in their original language,
the “feeling” is more intense. I guess a translation can never be as
good as the original. Well, I wrote this mail because I think it’s time
to thank you for providing us girls with a great and realistic role
model to grow up with . . . and for improving my English. 😉 I can’t
wait for “Incredibly Alice” to be published in May! You’re a great
writer, in fact the greatest of all and there is only one more thing I
have to say: Please, please, keep on writing!

Phyllis replied:


Thank you so much for your email.  I’ve enjoyed writing the Alice series, and it will be nice to see them all in print.  “Alice Onboard” will be out next year, and the next–the 28th–“Always Alice”–will be out in 2o12.  It’s wonderful that you are also able to read them in English.

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