Would Make a Good Elizabeth


Could I audition for a part of one of the characters if they make another movie? I’d make the best Elizabeth in the world!!! I am always while I am reading the book thinking that everything she does and whats she looks like is me..For an example: I have long dark hair, people always tell me I have long eyelashes and fair skin, Some even say I am beautiful!!!!! Well I guess that’s all for now!!!! I hope we will be able to meet up someday!

Phyllis replied:

I have nothing to do with whether or not a new movie will be made of Alice, and if it was, I don’t have a part in the casting.  Casting directors look for many things when they are choosing an actress–not only in how well a girl looks the part, but whether she can bring something of herself–the inner feelings and character and worries–of the character in the book, and how good an actress she is.  Thank you for your email.

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