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I’ve met you before when you came to Joliet and I’ve asked you questions before about what you liked about Joliet the most. But that isn’t the reason I’m writing today. As you already know, I’m pretty much in love with your Alice books. I love your characters and I’ve read all the books except I’m in the middle of the book that was most recently released. =] I was wondering, are you going to be continuing with the Alice series after this book. It said on the website that you have finished book number 27. But I’ve read in placed that you were gonna end the series when she was 18 and that you already knew the ending. So I was just curious if you are going to continue with the series. I’ve grown up reading about Alice and every year I look for the next book. I’m going to be 21 in about a week and I still love reading about her. So, I just wanted to ask.

Phyllis replied:

There will be 28 books in all. I wrote the last book several years ago, to make sure that if anything happened to me, readers would know how everything turns out in Alice’s life. I just finished book number 27, and will be sending both of those manuscripts, together, to my editor. But they will still come out a year apart.

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