“Please Don’t Be True”



Hi! I just want you to know that this book is truly amazing. Alice had touched my life and I would say, changed it. I like the way Alice being imperfect but she sure have perfect memories. I can really relate to her. I have to admit that this book is my all time favorite. Thank you so much for writing this story. This teached me an imporatant lesson and that is friends are important and you should have one. She’ll always be in my heart. Could you possibly write an endless series of Alice? I don’t want it to ever end. Thank you.

Phyllis replied:


There are 28 Alice books in all.  You read a collection of the three books about Alice’s junior year in high school.   If you want to read the entire collection, start with “Starting with Alice,”  (Alice in 3rd grade), and the very last of the series, in which Alice goes from 18 to 60, will be titled “Always Alice,” and will be published in 2013.    Phyllis

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