So Unfair!!!!

, i just finished Intensely Alice, and it was SO UNFAIR!!!!! I was on the bus when i read the end of chapter 17 The Unthinkable, and i wanted to cry! And when i got home, i read it over and over again, trying to soak it in, but i just couldn’t accept it! I mean, when you read a book series with like 30 books in it and you are on the twenty-fourth, you become really attatched to the characters. And, ironicly enough, I was listening to Tim McGraw’s If I Died Today. My question is, how do authors do that?!?!  I plan on becoming either an author a language arts teacher or a singer, and if i become an author, i would cry even thinking about killing a character. HOW DO YOU DO IT?!?!?!?!


Phyllis replied:

I did cry when I wrote about it.  But in writing the Alice books, I’m not writing about some idealized life.  At some point all of us come face to face with death, usually a grandparent, but all too often it’s one of our friends–something we never imagined.  I try to create the most honest books I can, and Alice has to face it too.

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