“I Like Him, He Likes Her”



I’ve never really succeeded in school. Academically I succeeded but not as much socially. I have plenty of friends. Un-fortunetly, Non of them are 

Alice. I remember seeing the book “I like him, He liked her” I just couldn’t resist and I bought it. Best decision I have ever made! I learned, It’s okay to be yourself, make
Mistakes and it’s also okay to just hang out with your family on a Friday night. Alice is a character I am pretty sure everyone loves, and can find their self in Alice. I’ve
always loved reading… But, I read, ” I like him, He likes her”, ” It’s not like I planned it this way”, and “Please don’t be True… In 2 weeks! I’ve caught up on all the Alice
Books. I just finished the latest one out, “Alice In Charge” Please never stop writing!!! I will always be a fan and most definetly will never forget what you and Alice taught me! I would love so much for you to reply and tell me about what really inspired you and when the next paperback filled with the sections will come out! Have a wonderful day Alice, oops! I ment Mrs. Naylor!


Phyllis replied:


I’m so glad you’re enjoying these “Alice bind-ups,” as the publisher calls these fat paperback books, each one containing the three books of each of Alice’s four years of high school.  I don’t know what the fourth one ( Alice’s senior year) will be titled–it’s not out yet.  I guess writing the 28 books of the Alice series was my substitute for raising the daughter  I never had.


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