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 I’d like to start out by saying I adore your Alice books. I feel like I can
relate to her in so many ways. Though I have a quick question about the order of
the books in the series. I recently finished ‘Please Don’t Be True’ (which I
loved!) I was happy to go to Barnes & Noble and realize that ‘Incredibly Alice’
had been released. But I noticed on the back of it, it says the book after
‘Please Don’t Be True’ is ‘Alice In Charge’, which doesn’t appear to be
realeased yet. I’m a bit confused now about the order. Which book comes after
‘Please Don’t Be True’? I really appreciate your clarification on this. Thank
you so much!
           A dedicated Alice reader,

Phyllis replied:


It can be confusing, because those large paperback books that each contain 3 Alice books (one for her freshman year, one for sophomore, junior, etc.) are compilations of already published books.  “Alice in Charge” is only one separate book, not to be confused with these large “bind-ups.”  For the right order in which to read the separate books, not the bind-ups, go to the Alice website and click on “Books in order” at the top of the page.

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