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I finished reading incredibly Alice 3 hours after i got in from amazon a few
weeks ago and like all Alice books it did not disappoint.  I just have a few
I really liked how you included the part when the students were protesting about
banned books because I know the Alice books are often censored. I was reading
pages online about the Alice books, mostly mothers complaining about lovingly
Alice and I have to say they must have memory loss if they forgot wondering
those things at that age! I am reading Alice with my sister and debating wether
she  should read lovingly Alice, because we just finished the fourth grade one.
Even at nine, she sometimes asks me questions about sex and I’m not sure how to
answer. Reading this book could help her understand but I should probably wait a
little longer just in case she tells my mom because she won’t discuss it with
Back to the book, i was wondering what it meant when Alice said “well if they
haven’t by now, it’s time they did” loudly to the boys in the other room. How is
that risqué? Maybe I just don’t see the joke but I thought a while over it and
still couldn’t figure it out.

I was hoping for alice’s last summer to be a lot more like in the past, the
whole sit around by marks pool kind of feel (I know he’s dead but that’s how
I’ve always pictured the gang) and for them to do the things they used to do
like walk around and get ice cream and go to the elementary school.  that was
her summer before jr high, but if it’s her last summer home I wanted patrick to
at least be their. Working on a cruise ship would be fun, but it just doesn’t
sound like the Alice books I know. Well it’s already written anyway, and I’m
sure it’s great. I just hope you have a lot of “last times” in silver spring
with the gang put in.

Random question: what time period do these books take place? Its like she has
records then 4 years later an iPod! she grows up 1/3 slower, so Does each book
take place based on when it was written?
Lastly, why did you decide to extend the books beyond alice being 18 like you
origionally planned? Is the ending the same as you pictured so many years ago?

I know I have so many questions but I hope you could answer a few. Thanks for
all you do for your loyal readers! ❤

Phyllis replied:


You have a lot of questions, so I’ll have to give short answers:

1) If your sister is already asking the types of questions that Lovingly Alice answers, then I’d read and discuss the book with her.  If not, wait until she’s genuinely curious about the answers.

2) Alice is trying to sound sexy by letting “it” imply whatever the boys’ imaginations might offer.

3) The books supposedly take place in whatever year I wrote them.

4) Remember that Alice is growing up, and that means change.  You aren’t doing the same things over the summer that you did four years ago, are you?  I decided to extend the very last Alice book to age 60, because so many readers want to see the gang open the time capsule.  I think you will like this very last book.  It might possibly be my favorite.



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