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I’ve been writing stories and posting them on a web site where other girls write their own stories and they all sound the same, I want to create a different one that will grab their attention and read it. My story is about a teen pop sensation that runs into a girl, but not just any girl…the girl of his dreams. But here’s the thing every story I read in that web site are like that. I e-mailed you because I want to know how to make it different, I want to know how I can hook them on to every word and especially the title. if you can at least give me a few tips, that will help me so much. Thank You.
Phyllis replied:
I can’t write your story for you, but one obvious thing is to do exactly the opposite of what everyone else is doing.   Why does your protagonist have to be a pop sensation?   Why does the girl have to be the girl of his dreams?  Why not someone he doesn’t think he could ever fall for?   Try to imagine what your readers will most likely anticipate, and then do just the opposite.

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