Just finished “Incredibly Alice”

Dear Mrs. Naylor,
I have read every single one of the Alice novels including the most recent “Incredibly Alice”, as I just finished it. I will be a senior in high school this year and have read your books every year since the 5th grade. As I grow, Alice grows and shes usually in the constant level as I in terms of growing up, discovering who I am and going through experiences. May is the month I am always excited about because I know the new Alice novel comes out.  I have experienced so many things that are discussed and occur in the novel and sometimes I have no idea how to handle it in my daily life. Over the past year my grandfather passed away, a very close friend from school passed away and my long term boyfriend and I broke up. Your books comfort me when I am down and when I am not sure what to think, you nail it. They directly describe my emotions in a way that others can understand and I feel as I am not alone and that its normal to feel the way I do. Sometimes I feel like your writing the books about my life because even though Alice is a fictional character she is an image of me. Your books have encouraged me, have created tears and joy. I definitely would recommend this series to any girl thats growing up and will go through many of these experiences. Unlike other writers your books are real experiences that each of us girls go through as we grow up and try to find who we will be. I would also recommend this series to a boys so they could some what understand how girls think and their emotions. What I love the most is the fact that you never know what you will go through and theres not always an answer and with your help I have learned to accept that and take life how it comes by enjoying the present and what i can control. Overall I can speak for me and I’m pretty sure all of “us” girls that your books are beyond helpful and that you have helped us in so many ways. Thank you so much.
Phyllis replied:
I draw on my own memories and emotions when I write, and I’m always glad to hear they resonate with some of my readers.

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