Sad the Series is ending

I have been reading Alice books since 3rd grade. I am now 13 years 
old and I have read every Alice book several times.
I know you get  tons of letters from your fans about how much they 
love your books but as I’ve been reading both
your books and your website for a while I figured it was time to let 
you know how much I Iove them.
I live in Arlington Virginia so I can relate to Alice’s environment 
as I live close to where she does in the books.
I have actually hiked Sugarloaf mountain so it was funny when Alice 
went there. I feel like Alice is a very relatable character,
  and even though we don’t have that much in common she seems like a 
real girl. When she was in younger grades she was
  so focused on embarrassment and I would feel better about my own 
embarrassing moments when I was reminded by your
books that everyone has them.
You write from Alice’s perspective about a lot of things that people 
don’t normally talk about and for me, that is one of the
best things about the Alice series. I know what the people on your 
website mean when they say they feel like Alice is a
real person. You have really captured the essence of what it’s like to 
be a girl growing up and I think Alice will never grow
outdated. I just finished Incredibly Alice-as soon as my copy arrived 
I immidiatly started reading and didn’t stop  until I finished
the book. Also I really enjoy the advice you post to people on your 
I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing a series I will 
continue to read over and over, and Alice does really
feel like my friend. I am so sad that the series is ending soon, but I 
will most definitly have all the books to reread. You are an
  amazing author!


Phyllis replied:


I’m sad the series is ending too, but the very last book has so much in it about Alice’s life, that I think you will be quite satisfied after you read it.   I know that I’ve taken a chance writing about things other people don’t talk about, and sometimes my editors have questioned my judgment.  But each time I ask myself, is this something I would have wanted to know when I was that age?  or Were any of my friends ever worried about this topic?  Often I write about something that readers have confided to me, because I believe that if one person is worried about something in particular, it probably means others are also.  Thank you for writing to me.


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