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Hey ms naylor I know you asked for people to wait a while before emailing you but I don’t want to forget. I am really happy to read the Alice story where Alice and Tony got together. It was nice to read something that related almost completely to me. (as in hanging out with a guy I didn’t want anything serious with and making mistakes more than alice but still) usually when I come across a story like that the girl gets taken advantaged of and I hate reading that kind of stuff. I loved how it shows that not all guys will force a girl to do everything if they start and she wants to stop. Thank you so much for making that so realistic.


Phyllis replied:


I try to make the Alice books as realistic as possible, but it still depends on the reader.  Since everyone’s experience is unique–and often very different from others–Alice’s life may be more realistic to some than to others.  I’m happy to know that you relate so well to her.

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