Incredibly Alice

I just finished reading Incredibly Alice about five minutes ago and I just needed to write you about it! I got the book this morning and I sat down and read it for four hours until I had finished. It did not let me down, and none of your books ever do. Alice is a great friend to me. I definitly look up to her and wish i could be more like her. She seems to experience EVERYTHING and I wish I could do that. I really loved that she was in a play because I was in the school play this year and I loved it. I just really wish Patrick was in the books more. He is definitly one of my favorite characters along with Penny and Lester and Carol and my favorite part of the books are when he comes to visit. Jill just shocks me with what happens to her and all, and I liked that I got a glimpse of another side of her in this new book. Thanks for making a story that is so true to life and so relatable. I love Alice and I’m so terribly sad the books are almost over but I cannot wait to read that last one. Thank you.
Phyllis replied:
I’m so happy you liked it.   I’m beginning to think that perhaps the very last book, #28–Always Alice–may be one of my favorites.  Hope you like that one too.

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