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I have read the three Alice collection books,(I Like Him He Likes Her,It’s Not Like I Planned It This Way,and Please Don’t Be True).
I loved them so much,Alice is such a relate-able character and such a joy to read. The reason I have E-Mailed you is because I want
to know the next book in the series.I have looked at bookstores and online but I am often confused on which one is next. Is it Intensely
Alice or is it Incredibly Alice(cover art with her with the graduation cap on her foot)? Either way,I know I’m looking forward to reading it and
maybe it will give me ideas on what to expect on my up-coming senior year(:
Phyllis replied:

The third collection isn’t out yet and doesn’t have a title.  The three books of that collection–her senior year–will be Alice in Charge, Incredibly Alice, and Alice On Board.   There will be a final book in the series after that, Always Alice.  That will probably come out all by itself, not as part of a collection.

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