I’ve Gone through Alice’s Journey



I discovered Alice by going to a barnes and noble searching for a long book to
distract me from being grounded for two weeks, I found the collection of her
freshman year, I like him, he likes her, and I fell in love. I finished that
first set in three days, subsequently not long enough to fill the time that I
was grounded. I waited a couple months to get her sophomore year, and read that
collection in three days also, I began to find similiarties in my life and
Alice's, she was feeling the same things that I am, she is having the same
doubts about life, and then I stumbled onto Alice's junior year. I bought that
collection on Friday, it is now Sunday night and I have finished her junior
year. These books have impacted me in ways that I would never expect. I found
myself fully immersed into Alice's world and when her friend died I started to
cry because it made me think of what would happen if one of my friends just
suddenly died. Your books have made me rethink how I should carry myself onto my
own junior year, and how I shouldn't take everything for granted. None of my
friends will never understand how I can read a 700 page book in three days, but
until they understand that a book can change you I will have to go on as the
nerdy friend for a while. Alice related to my life in too many ways to count,
things happened to her that had exactly happened to me, I realized that I would
have acted exactly like Alice did if I were to be put in some of those
situations. I cannot wait for alice's senior year to come out as it will be
published the year that I graduate high school. Sort of a nice ending if you ask
me. Thank you for writing these books, words can't describe how much Alice has
helped me in these past couple of weeks I've gone through her journey.
Thank you so so much,

Phyllis replied:

It was wonderful to read your email, and I'm happy to know that the Alice books have meant so much to you.  I hope your two weeks are about over...


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