The Same Experiences as Me

OK i just wanted to say i absolutely love the alice books!!!!!! i just finished
Incredibley Alice and i absolutely loved it! When i first started reading them i
was instantly hooked. Then my best friend read the books too and we're both like
in love with alice books!!!!! To me your alice books are like totally my
life....kinda. I have a group of 3 best friends but we dont live next to each
but i wish we did. But we face everything together and tell each other
everything!!! i have a boyfriend like patrick and will always have a special
place in my heart for him. But for now he's just out. Alice helped me get
through many problems that have occured in my life and am sooooooo glad you
wrote them. Its nice to know that someone out in the world, even if they may be
a fictional character, has had the same experiences as me. But now that ive read
alice all the way through her senior year....I CANT WAIT FOR MY SENIOR YEAR!!!!!
🙂 im 13 so its a long ways from here
Phyllis replied:
You know what?  They are the same experiences that even mothers and grandmothers have, under slightly different circumstances.  Remember in one of the Alice books--perhaps her first year of high school--she fell down the stairs and wet her pants?  That happened to my own mother back around 1914.  She was one of seven children in a farm family, and wanted to go to high school so desperately that finally her parents allowed her to live with a German-speaking family in town, near the high school, to work for her board and room just so she could go to high school.  She later went on to college and became a teacher.  Different times, but the embarrassment is the same.

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