It’s as if I was Alice


 At my recent trip to the bookstore I spotted a book.  A book that had caught my attention.  The background of the book was blue.  Alice was sitting on a pink and orange suit case.  A butterfly, and name of three states o the suitcase.  Cool!  I thought.  I was so excited to begin the book.  It looked like a book I would 100% enjoy.  I sat down.  I opened the book right there in the bookstore.  I flipped to the first page.  I began reading.  As I read I felt as if I was Alice.  As if I was in the story.  The book is totally fun to read and absolutely phenomenal.  Then I asked my mom.  “Let’s go back to the bookstore, we need more Alice books.”  Not good enough.  Mom said no, but I have made a list of the Alice books I hope to get.  My list has seventeen Alice books. 
        I really want to thank you for writing an amazing book.  I love Alice, she is a character many people can relate to, and I love her and the book.  I have thought about being an author once.  I still would love to be one.  But, can you give me some advice, on how to build up my book.  I want to be an author like you.  Your the best, and I love your books.  Enjoy the rest of your summer, and have a good fourth of July.


Phyllis replied:

You have a lot of happy reading ahead of you.  I’m so glad you found the Alice books.  If you are thinking about becoming a writer, I think you would enjoy my book, “How I Came to be a Writer.”  Ask your librarian if she can get a copy for you.

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