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Hello, I was wondering if maybe you could put pictures up of what all the characters in the books look like. I think that would be pretty cool because when you describe what the characters look like you say things along the lines of, “Liz is one of the most beautiful girls at the school…” I would really like to see what everyone looks like, and I think alot more people would too. So maybe there can be a section on the website where all the characters are and who they are.
Thank you!
ps. I really love your books.
Phyllis  replied:
I wish I had time to do that, but I don’t.  After the last book is published in 2013, we’re going to put the Alice “bible” online, which lists every single fact about every single character.  It’s over 100 pages long and you can catch up on all the things that ever happened in the Alice series.

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