Low on the Popularity Scale

hi, ive never sent you a question before but here i go.I used to live in a tiny private catholic school.there were only about 20 kids in my grade.All the boys and girls were short and none of the girls had boobs.I was tall and shy and had puberty in 6th grade.I was pretty low on the popularity scale.then i moved at the end of seventh grade in march to a big public school.There were so many tall people and i felt like i fit in.Guys flirted with me on my first day and it all felt so bizzarre.I felt or thought it was a joke since guys never flirted with me.Then in 8th i seem to have lost some of my poplularity and am not sure whether im popular or not.Or even in the middle. i just float around and dont have a best friend which i want so badly. i’m with peole but feel like one of those seat filling people.My cousin already going to be a sophmore,me a freshman, asks if i know how to grind or go to parties,which i dont.My cousin in 6th grade already ‘knows’ but i still feel like a baby.My cousins are all good looking ,the girls short and skinny and boys tall and buff.Oh and very popular.I’m tall and do not fit in a small and feel like a loner though im surrounded.I always feel so left out and..like a child.But i wish to have childhood again.to not grow up so fast.The funny thing is im not nervous at all about being a freshman.
P.S. Can i have a hint of Alice On Board? i love your books and the girl vs boy ones too
Phyllis replied:
I think you’ll find that high school is very different from both 7th and 8th grades.  You will meet many more people from different neighborhoods and backgrounds.  I’d suggest that you try to join a group soon after school begins.  Choose something you’re truly interested in–choir or basketball or the newspaper or Spanish club.  A dance group, science club–some place where you will meet other girls (and guys) who share a hobby or talent or interest.  It’s so much easier to make friends when you are in a group that is focused on something else–not just staring at each other trying hard to make friends.   As for “Alice On Board,” coming out next June, Alice and her friends have been hired as stewards on a cruise ship, and a LOT of things happen.  I won’t tellyou any more. 

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