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I really just want to let you know how much I love the Alice series. I know you probably get this alot, but I thought you should know how much these books mean to me. I”m fifteen years old, and not only has these books helped me through some of the toughest years of my life (especially starting high school last year), but they have also kept me entertained through MANY hot summer days and cold winter nights. I have read all of the Alice books (up until Alice In Charge, still trying to get my hands on a copy) and I have to say the thing I love the most about these books is how relatable they are. There’s nothing special about Alice, she’s just a normal teen like me, and I love how I can relate to some of the problems she goes through in her day-to-day life. I also love how I feel like Alice is a best friend I’ve known since 3rd grade. I mean, I actually feel like I really know her! Another one of my favourite things about these books is how they cover EVERY topic. Alice has experienced many things, some I can relate to, some I can’t, but I use those books as a How-To guide, and I feel like I’m prepared for whatever life throws at me. Sometimes, when I’m in a bad situation, I think of something Alice has gone through, and think to myself, it could be worse! Even until now, until I’m writing down all the things I love about these books, I didn’t realize how much they really mean to me. So thank-you for giving me one of the best friends I’ve ever had and for being such an amazing author, you are truely one of my idols.  Forever a fan,


Phyllis replied:

What a lovely letter.  I especially appreciate that you view Alice as just an ordinary girl, whom I’ve tried to follow as honestly as I think she would live her life.  She is not brilliant or greatly talented in some particular way, she is not supposed to be “The All American Girl” nor necessarily a role model.  She just IS.  But she’s someone I like a lot, perhaps she’s the daughter I never had, I don’t know.  Some of the things that happened to her happened to my mother back in 1914!   Some of the things she goes through are things that happened to me or my friends when we were growing up.   Feelings are the same, no matter in what age they happen, and I’m so glad to know that these books resonated with you.

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