Don’t Know What to Do


 I am 15 years old and I am completly ingrossed in your books. I have one chapter left of Intensly Alice and I am not ready to finish it because there arent any more out yet. I LOVE the fact that your books can be read in almost any order. Well kinda. I started with Alice’s freshman year while I was a freshman. She goes through so much that I have gone through. I am kinda having the same problem with The Penny-Patrick-Alice thing. I had just started dating a guy and I met his bestfriend. Now, this guy im dating is completly anti-social.. And his betfriend is outgoing like me. And we got along great. Till my boyfriend banned me from speaking and hanging out with him. But I am not the kinda girl to be pushed around, so I kept talking to him. But one of my bestfriends was dating this guy I was friends with, And when they broke up….. she blamed it on me. OH WAIT THERE IS MORE :/ So, This guy started dating another girl I was friends with and yep, you guessd it. I “Broke” Them up as well. I was kinda flattered… to tell you the truth, Because I didnt do anything. But now me and my “Boyfriend” broke up because he wanted sex and I didnt so he went crawling back to his Ex who smokes pot. And he did this the night after we went on a date and I went to my grandma’s house a few towns over. Nice huh? So anyway, now this guy I was banned from speaking to are hanging out again and I feel really comfterble around him. I dont have to be perfect, and as gross as it sounds, I can fart, burp, laugh my LOUDDD laugh around him. But I dont know if its too soon to do anything about it.  


Phyllis replied:

Anything about…..?   Sex?  Standard advice:  If you’re not sure, don’t.   Sounds as though you feel pretty comfortable around this guy, but he doesn’t come across to me as exactly first class material.  Does he to you?



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