Growing Up With Alice



 I dont think that I can express to you the power that the Alice
series has had on me. I started reading them about 8 years ago and
every summer I reread every book. It has become tradition. I feel
like, having grown up with Alice, that she is a real person, that her
emmotions have altered me to become a better person. You made Alice a
character that feels almost every emmotion on the entire spectrum:
embarrasment, joy, guilt, happines, humorous, alone, depressed, proud.
She thinks like a normal person, which allows me to be able to relate
and enjoy her so much more. After growing up for so long looking up to
her, I am now so excited that she and I are the same age, and pleased
to find that she and I are very similar people!
     Every summer I look forward to sitting down and reading the only
books that can both make me cry and make me laugh. I take at least one
Alice book with me on every vacation and Thank you so much for
providing me with a role model that will always be there for me.

Phyllis replied:


Letters from fans make it all worthwhile.  Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.

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